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They’re not just for homes.

Outdoor dining as we all know is a big draw for restaurant patrons. Having a space that is  both protected and keeps that open-air feeling has always been the challenge. Equinox louvered roof provides the ideal solution. Its versatile design gives the facilities manager the options that have been missing.  With heaters, ceiling fans, and the option to close the roof to protect against the rain means you can take reservations and bookings in advance for your outdoor space to fully utilize the space. With the option to open the roof to let the sun in to brighten and warm the space you will create an inviting space early spring to late fall. Our clients find that the Equinox roof can often pay for its self in a very short time span through the added table space as well as the buzz created by adding a unique new space that people have to visit.

Adding an Equinox Louvered Roof to any restaurant, bar, craft beer garden, outdoor event space can assure those outdoor tables will always be full!

Using hurricane tested structural product standards, Equinox roofs withstand wind speed ratings up to 176 mph. This same load pressure testing also confirms how Equinox systems will resist snow accumulation, earthquakes and other outdoor hazards, making them equally reliable regardless of location.

The Equinox Louvered Roof creates a comfortable oasis that takes enjoyment to the next level. The staff can position the louvers at any point within a full range of motion, completely closed during rainy days or hot, sunny days and opens them up at night so patrons can enjoy the sunset and evening moon. A lighting system will add extra ambiance.